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The smell of men and women, Emme Wong Shawn Yue of love has been evasive, but the feelings of two development is a thousand li a day. Yesterday (February 26th) readers hotline, claimed to have seen two people earlier in the French Paris visiting the shops, enjoy the sweet holiday. Readers hotline who claimed to have seen Shawn Yue and Emme Wong is in Paris visiting the shops, quite sweet. (picture) has always been low-key processing Shawn Yue and Emme Wong relationship (Emme), feelings rose steadily, after Shawn Yue sent the last six thousand yuan worth of French brand Goyard handbag with girlfriend Emme Wong happy, Emme Wong had to fly to Beijing, get cold and Julian Cheung filming virgin costume drama "Longmen post", a girl alone. In Germany for more than a month, plus often hanging wire shooting action scenes, the process is very hard, careful boyfriend Shawn Yue in view of this, know that his girlfriend has a special liking for Paris, so take advantage of the idle for about a week, special arrangements for the Paris sweet trip carefully, because two people are keeping a low profile, successfully evaded media information. Shawn Yue recently with Emme Wong in Paris, two people spent seven days sweet trip. (picture) can't support in hand but, yesterday readers hotline, Goyard French brand in Paris last week LV brand and Emme Wong wine shop, encounter two people shopping! Although shop customers is not much, but two people still showed no such relation, hold or support, just move a little chat, also does not have the intimate action even in the street, do be careful.